Bezier Curve to Control Several Objects in Toon Boom Harmony

* Tested in TB Harmony 14 and 15.

This deformer can control the position of several objects without distorting their shapes, by using expressions.

One thing I noticed when using rig with expressions is that if you have rig A and rig B (which is a copy of A), if you copy and paste keyframes (from the pegs with expressions) in the timeline from rig A to rig B, sometimes TB will replace the expressions in rig B with the ones in rig A, and vice versa.

If this happens, you should have a copy of the original rig B, then copy the keyframes (from any frame) from the original rig into the rig that has the wrong expressions.




Color in functions curves

I couldn’t find a way to change the default grey colors of the functions curves in TB 14, but this script will do it. Run it, wait a while (depending of scene size), and a new file will be created (yourfilename_colorFunctionCurves.xtage). The existing pegs will look like this in the Function window:



Auto Shadow

** Tested only in ToonBoom Harmony 14 **

This rig has a ball drawing with a shadow that automatically shrinks and becomes more transparent as the ball moves away from the shadow. The shadow also follows the ball movement in x and z axis. It still allows some manual reposition if needed. 

In the file there’s a note with instructions on how to use it and how to replicate it for another object. 

There’s a video to show how it works:

I forgot to mention in the video that there’s an easy way to use the shadow in another rig:

Select everything in the ball rig plus the ‘ball-P’ and duplicate them. Use the ‘ball-P’ as the new master peg of your rig and move the shadow drawing to match the new object/character.

It’s available on my Gumroad page.

Arm Rig Sample


** Compatible with ToonBoom Harmony 12 **

This rig uses expressions to simulate a deformer of a deformer. By deforming the central curve you control the shape of the other two curves, which can be further adjusted by the controllers (in red). Move the red circle to move the deformer vertex (dragging it with the mouse will give unexpected results depending on the rotation of the arm, so its best to use the keyboard) , rotate and scale the arc shape to adjust the green handles.

It is easy to duplicate this structure and change the drawing so you can use it in your rig.

Quick demonstration

You can download and test it (and even use this structure in your own rig) from Gumroad:

Selection Sets

With this tool you can save your selections. Run the script and a window will appear, write a name to identify the current selection and click ‘add’. Whenever you need this selection again just click it’s name in the ‘Sets’ list┬╣. The list below it shows the selected nodes, and if you click them you’ll change the selection order.

I usually save things that are hard to select in the camera view so I don’t have to search for them in the network view, or when I often have to select several objects together I keep them saved in the list.

I’m posting a new version of this tool, now it includes buttons to enable, disable, and center on selection. Also, you can double click the set name to rename it.



Selection Sets


┬╣ If you hold CTRL while clicking, the selection will be added to your current selection.