Month: April 2014

Swap Drawings

Select a drawing layer and run the script. Select the drawing you want to replace then select the one you want in its place, press ‘ok’.

I wrote this script because duplicated drawings are always popping up for apparently no reason and I don’t want to search them frame by frame.

swap drawings


Fixed Bug

There was a bug in the ease scripts. They worked fine on layers that are set as separate, but if you used them on layers that are 3Dpaths the interpolation didn’t update automatically, you had to move the object to be able to see the right path. I fixed this problem and updated the links.

Quick Ease


Tired of typing values everytime you need to make an ease in or ease out in the Set Ease for Multiple Parameter window, in EVERY keyframe? This is why I started messing with scripts in Toon Boom.

There are 4 functions in this script: ease in, ease out, ease s and ease zero (constant movement). Like the other scripts I customized an icon for each function.

Since I started working with animation in Adobe Flash, the ease values were made to resemble as close as possible the ease 100 and ease -100 I had there.

My thanks to Mauricio Mendes who helped me with this one!


Copy/Paste Ease


You can use this script to copy the ease from one keyframe to another. Select a keyframe with valid values for right time ratio, right value ratio, etc and run the copy script, then select as many layers/columns you want in a single frame and run the paste script.

You will notice that the copy script will create an annotation column with the copied values. If you manually change those values the pasted values will also change, since the paste script reads them from there.

Ease Copy/Paste