Quick Ease


Tired of typing values everytime you need to make an ease in or ease out in the Set Ease for Multiple Parameter window, in EVERY keyframe? This is why I started messing with scripts in Toon Boom.

There are 4 functions in this script: ease in, ease out, ease s and ease zero (constant movement). Like the other scripts I customized an icon for each function.

Since I started working with animation in Adobe Flash, the ease values were made to resemble as close as possible the ease 100 and ease -100 I had there.

My thanks to Mauricio Mendes who helped me with this one!

* I updated the Quick Ease script, so it won’t make Harmony 11 crash. It happened when you tried to inbetween a keyframe with a non-existent keyframe, so whenever this happens again it will warn you instead of freezing the program. Plus, I added a strong ease in, ease out and ease s, the icons are there but just for you guys to know how to name them.



  1. Is there an option to set a ease in for left time ratio for current frame (not for the next frame). What Im looking for is a 30/30 left/right time ratio. Nevertheless your script is awesome. I was looking for that for some time. Thank you :)

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