Updated Scripts

After using any of the old scripts if look at the undo history you’ll see tons of actions that the script did and sometimes it’s impossible to undo all of them, so I updated all the scripts and now you just have to press CTRL + Z once.

There’s a couple of command lines that does it. Use:
scene.beginUndoAccum(“name that will appear in the undo history”);
//your code

Custom Move

This is a Flash extension, but I think it’s valid to post it here because I still work with it. It’s a great tool for animators, and it’s a pity that since CS3 Adobe didn’t make any great improvements to Flash as an animation software.

This extension allows you to move objects in small increments that you can define with “04_set amount.jsfl”. The only bad thing is that each movement is an action, differently from using the arrow keys which you can press several times and Flash will count as a single action. It’s very simple but I use it frequently when I want to be very precise.

Custom Move

Expose/Create Drawing Zero

This script will swap all selected drawings in a single frame to drawing zero. I use drawing zero as an empty drawing instead of deleting and leaving an empty frame in the timeline. Because if you leave empty frames when you don’t want any exposure in the layer, when you extend the exposure with “F5” the places where you had empty spaces will be filled with the drawing that was exposed before the empty frame. Bad Toon Boom.

Swap to Zero

Expose All Drawings

I wrote this when we were looking for unwanted palettes in our rig. Since Toon Boon only gives a missing palette warning when the drawing is appearing on your screen (not when you open the file, as it should), we had to expose every single drawing in our rig trying to find the element with the unwanted palette and deleting it.

I am aware that there is a way in Toon Boom to expose a sequence of drawings. Unfortunately it only works when your drawings are named like: 1,2,3,4… and so on. This script will expose all the drawings in the selected layers no matter what their names are. You may find other uses for it too.

If you’re having trouble using or don’t know where to save the files on your computer, feel free to ask me.


Expose All Drawings