1. Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. When I am animating I move all the time between these options. I searched a shortcut for ages…
    Do you have an idea for “Past in place”? spacing and align objects ? Center pivots object? or import illustrator files to Toonbboom (I know there was a script for it version 9 but it doesn’t work for 10)
    And what about “Liner motion” shortcut ? Also didn’t find a shortcut for it… 
    Anyway I think you are great and keep up the good work !

    1. A script to center pivots might be possible to write, but I’m not sure. And the script to import illustrator files may just need some adaptation.

      For ‘linear motion’ you mean constant movement? If so, download the quick ease scripts I have here. One of them does just that :)


  2. Oh men – you are like Neo from Matrix. It will be perfect to have similar button to Select Tool Work On Single Drawing.

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