Convert to 2s

Leandro Mello from Brazil asked if there was a way to set a peg’s hold value to 2 automatically through scripting. If you do it manually, you have to double click each function of every peg (x, y, z, scale, etc) and set the hold value to 2. I figured it wouldn’t take long to write such a script, so I did.

Using this script will set the hold value to 2 on the selected layers/pegs ( you may change this value if you know where to find it). It will work in Harmony 10 and Animate Pro 2, but in Animate it doesn’t work on 3D pegs only on ‘separate’ pegs.

Convert To 2s


  1. is the script to make the tweening of any layers on the timeline to 2s? am looking for a script to go from an animation being on 1s(tween) to convert all the tweens into 2s(stop motion frames) do do the whole animation at once, not a layer at a time.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Select the desired layers and run the script. It will make the entire layer(s) play on 2s. You can see the changes in the Function window, the tweening will look like stairs instead of curves.

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