Expression Tutorial

My last script is used to recalculate the expressions values, so I thought it would be useful to show how to use expressions in your rig, and how to make a switch to turn it on and off.

Video quality was good before uploading to Youtube… but it’s still ok.

  • You don’t need to use the recalculate expression script. Read this: About Expressions.


2 thoughts on “Expression Tutorial

  1. This tutorial has been very helpful. I was taught toon boom couple of years ago and I got the impression that this kind of stuff is not possible.. Back then I was trying to figure out how to put multiplies into different layers, f.ex pupils moving faster than the eyes, but got a response that it’s not possible.

    With the help of your videos, I somehow figured how to finally pull it off. Though the screen doesn’t get refreshed, until I release the mouse.

    Also I was trying to get the x information from my control layer and translate that into scaling the eye smaller as it gets closer to the edge. I couldn’t figure it out, do you have any help? Or more tutorials I haven’t found from somebody else?

    Have you been making more of these? Or have you been using the newest version of Harmony with these things?

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi,
      I did something like that for a character’s eye. I saw how much translation the pupil needed to reach the edge and used this value to scale it as you translate the controller. For example: when x = 10 the pupil is on the edge of the eye, so here it’ll have the chosen limit scale. Along the x and y axis i’ts easy, but it gets a little complicated in the diagonals, because you must also skew the pupil (I can’t remember my solution right now). And I had to use an equation I found in the internet to make the pupil deformation change less when it’s further away from the edge. I’ll send this eye rig to you if you’d like.

      I’m still using Harmony 11, but they’ll soon upgrade it.


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