1. Hi there, my name is NicolIas Felix, currently working as a TD with Harmony in an animation studio.
    I found out how to create the shortcuts to run any script you want, contact me and I’ll be happy to share.
    Congrats for the website initiative.


      1. Hi Lucas sorry for taking so long, you can add a line in the shortcuts file, I recommend doing it around line 600, under network section.

        ID “String / DESCRIPTION…” with: your description info
        FUNCTION – with: your function without “()”
        SCRIPT.js – with: The name of your script here, don’t forget the extension .js make sure the script is in your local folder Scripts, or in the USA data scripts folder in case of working at a professional environment
        TEXT – with: Just a name so you can find it later.

        After this open a new harmony scene, go to:
        edit > preferences > shortcuts (if TB 16 or lower)
        edit > shortcuts ( if TB 17 up)

        Go to Node View and look for the name that you put at TEXT in your shortcut file previously, this is in alphabetical order, should be easy to find it there.

        That’s it, assign the shortcut and be happy :)

        If your shortcut is not working sometimes, and you are using one of the internal functions from Harmony with the Action.perform(); make sure to set a responder too, like node view, Timeline, etc

        Just a quick tip, every single button on the interface of harmony is calling a internal function, so with this in mind remember you can assign anything to any shortcut you want with this.

        If you are reading this comment ant still not get it, here we go with one example.

        For example, during Setup of scenes some people like to create Backdrops for all the characters, props, etc, you can call the backdrop function with a shortcut with the following expression:


        Put this in a function and assign a shortcut to it, and be happy.

        Create a file in your scripts folder with notepad, C://……//Toomboom//..resources/scripts.
        make sure to put the .js extention to your file, save as backdropcreator.js

        paste this line inside your file:
        function backdrop(){

        paste the following line into your shortcut.xml file, line 600 under network section, make sure it’s after any /> and make sure to save as well (use notepad++ or visual studio code to make it easier for you).

        now open a new harmony scene, go to shortcuts and look for “backdrop” under network view.

        This are all simple but helps a lot those who are not very familiar with scripting and want’s to improve their workflow.

        I hope some one find this to be useful somehow.

        Cheers :)

  2. Hey, Nicollas

    You are saying to edit a file around line 600 but my shortcuts file is not even 10 lines long. Am I looking at the right file? I couldn’t find anything but shortcuts.xml in my full-1700-pref folder. Please help.


    1. Hi Mathias,

      I will make a video to explain this better and make it more clear to everyone. I will be uploading it some time today or tomorrow and share the link with you here. It is not that complex, once you see it, everything will be more clear.


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