Bezier Curve to Control Several Objects in Toon Boom Harmony

* Tested in TB Harmony 14 and 15.

This deformer can control the position of several objects without distorting their shapes, by using expressions.

One thing I noticed when using rig with expressions is that if you have rig A and rig B (which is a copy of A), if you copy and paste keyframes (from the pegs with expressions) in the timeline from rig A to rig B, sometimes TB will replace the expressions in rig B with the ones in rig A, and vice versa.

If this happens, you should have a copy of the original rig B, then copy the keyframes (from any frame) from the original rig into the rig that has the wrong expressions.




  1. love this script! been using this as the basis for the spine for many armed creatures (and their multiple clavicles), and works so well. unfortunately my scripting knowledge isn’t great, so I can get it working, but I can’t think of how to add extra deformations for other drawings or have it so the expression treats x and y the opposite (as its standing on end) without breaking it. any tips for doing something like this?

    1. I’m glad you like it! It’s a great idea to use it as a spine, I hadn’t thought about it.
      I’m not sure if I understood what you’re trying to do, can you send some images? (

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