Bezier Curve to Control Several Objects in Toon Boom Harmony

* Tested in TB Harmony 14 and 15.

This deformer can control the position of several objects without distorting their shapes, by using expressions.

One thing I noticed when using rig with expressions is that if you have rig A and rig B (which is a copy of A), if you copy and paste keyframes (from the pegs with expressions) in the timeline from rig A to rig B, sometimes TB will replace the expressions in rig B with the ones in rig A, and vice versa.

If this happens, you should have a copy of the original rig B, then copy the keyframes (from any frame) from the original rig into the rig that has the wrong expressions.



Color in functions curves

I couldn’t find a way to change the default grey colors of the functions curves in TB 14, but this script will do it. Run it, wait a while (depending of scene size), and a new file will be created (yourfilename_colorFunctionCurves.xtage). The existing pegs will look like this in the Function window: