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About expressions…

Recently I found out there’s no need for the ‘Recalculate Expressions’ script. You just have to use the column(columnName) function, which according to the documentation only does:

“Identify the text wrapped by columnName to be renamed whenever the column named “columnName” is renamed.”

When writing an expression do something like this:

var pegValue = column(“PegA_Pos_x”); //name of the function from where you’re taking the values.

//I like to put the function’s name in a variable so I can change it easily if I have to.

value(pegValue, currentFrame);

Using this expression (supposing you are using it in the X axis of PegB) every time you move PegA in X, PegB’s X value will be updated right after.

Selection Sets

With this tool you can save your selections. Run the script and a window will appear, write a name to identify the current selection and click ‘add’. Whenever you need this selection again just click it’s name in the ‘Sets’ list¹. The list below shows the selected nodes, and if you click them you’ll change the selection order.

I usually save things that are hard to select in the camera view so I don’t have to search for them in the network view, or when I often have to select several objects together I keep them saved in the list.

Selection Sets

¹ If you hold CTRL while clicking, the selection will be added to your current selection.

Quick Ease Update

Sorry for the lack of updates, something called parenthood happened to me. And it’s great :D Also I never received a penny to maintain this blog… Anyway, I updated the Quick Ease script, so it won’t make Harmony 11 crash. It happened when you tried to inbetween a keyframe with a non-existent keyframe, so whenever this happens again it will warn you instead of freezing the program. Plus, I added a strong ease in, ease out and ease s, the icons are there but just for you guys to know how to name them.


Expression Tutorial

My last script is used to recalculate the expressions values, so I thought it would be useful to show how to use expressions in your rig, and how to make a switch to turn it on and off.

Video quality was good before uploading to Youtube… but it’s still ok.

  • You don’t need to use the recalculate expression script. Read this: About Expressions.